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Zumba Night - March 2012

16th March 2012

Zumba Night - March 2012



Everyone arrived at the scout hut for the usual time of 7:45pm for an adrenaline filled night of Zumba Dancing. Everyone socialised for a few minutes whilst the Zumba Instructor finished preparing herself. Once she was ready we were Zumba-ing away, she started by showing us some simple Zumba moves from one of the easier forms of Zumba dancing. After she had us practise them without the music as it is slower and easier.

Once we had practised it, we did it to some fast paced music. This was rather amusing as everyone was all over the place laughing at each other to start with (as seen in photographs), but then everyone got into it. 



As the evening progressed the instructor taught us various different forms of Zumba Dancing, each different form getting faster. By the time the instructor had finished for the evening everyone was exhausted but they enjoyed it.

After we the Zumba Dancing we socialised for a little while then we played some games for the last 40 minutes. The games took us up to finishing time. Although an exhausting evening, everyone enjoyed it.