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Wanderers ESU

IT Badge Night

31st January 2014

IT Badge Night



Tonight the Explorers worked towards earning their Information Technology Badge. The Explorers had to meet requirements in order to complete each stage of this badge. They had to show a clear understanding of how a Computer works and what parts it consists of. 

Some examples of requirements:

1. Show that they can switch on and close down a computer safely.

2. Show that they know how to use the following:

A.  Monitor

  B. Mouse

  C. Printer

  D. DVD Drive

  E. Icon

  F. Webcam

  G. Microphone

    H. USB Drive

3. Use a piece of software of your choice to show that you can produce a poster to show others what you do in Scouting. It should include both text and graphics.

4. Use a piece of painting software of your choice to produce a simple picture.

5. Show you can use a piece of software that requires the use of a CD-ROM.