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Hamlet Wood Working Party - March 2012

17th March 2012

Hamlet Wood Working Party - March 2012




We arrived at Hamlet Wood for 9:00am and had our usual briefing on what we were going to be doing for the day by the site warden. This month there was only a small group of us including the wardens, but to quote the site warden "Its the quality of work, not the quantity". The work for the day was continuing with the wattle fencing (as seen in photographs) from the previous Working Party.

Not long into the first hour of the working party it started to rain, but despite this our small team of workers continued in the rain. At about 11:30am our small group had a much earned tea break.


After our tea break the small team of workers got back to work on the wattle fencing. By then the rain had eased off. The fencing took us up to the finishing time. Even though it was not the warmest or driest of days we still enjoyed ourselves.