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Hamlet Wood Working Party - February 2012

18th February 2012

Hamlet Wood Working Party - February 2012



We arrived at Hamlet Wood for 9:00am and then had our briefing on what we were going to be doing for the day by the site warden. The work for that day was mostly clearing up site A6, which consisted of cutting up piles of unwanted branches and placing them on the fire. We also had to rake all the dead leaves and twigs within site A6 to also place on the fire. As we had a fast working team we managed to get the site cleared a lot quicker than expected.

As we had finished sooner than expected we started on our next job which was putting up some handmade wattle fencing (as seen in photograph). At about 11:00am we all had a well-earned tea break in the Vanstone Building. The tea break was much appreciated. 


After our tea break the team we got back to work on the handmade wattle fencing. The wattle fencing took us up to the working party finishing time. Even though it was not the warmest of days, it was rather enjoyable.