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Wanderers ESU

Golden Bog Seat - Crazy Golf Challenge

9th October 2010

Crazy Golf Bog Seat

This bog seat involve making your own crazy golf hole at Lower Grange Farm, we went after being at the hamlet wood working party got our tents up then Ian got out of his car some card board a card board tube and Neal gave us a bag of turf, we spent 1 hour an a half on making it and used bricks and pens to put our touch on it, we then were told how the competition was going to work and gave us our "golf bats" and we went round playing each hole. In the evening we went round socialsing playing table tennis and Wii in the Barn at Lower Grange Farm then went to bed after sitting own with friends we had made in the mess tent.

In the morning we got our tents down and stuff away then went down to find out the result we came first in the competition for the Best hole and came middle ish but that's the best place to be!

Chris Bury