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Wanderers ESU

Backwoods Cooking

9th May 2014

Backwoods Cooking

For Backwoods Cooking Wanderers teamed up with Maidstone Methodist Scout Group at Hamlet Wood Scout Campsite. The Explorers and Scouts were mixed up into teams, then were given challenges which included Cooking Beef Stew and Fish Stew. 

Each team was given a cardboard box which included Beef, Fish, Bananas, Chocolate Buttons, one Red Pepper, one Onion, One carrot, 4 sheets or news paper, one bottle of Water, a roll of Tin Foil and an Axe. No other form of utensil.

With these objects they had to start a fire, boil water, cook the beef stew, fish stew and bananas with melted chocolate inside. The first team to do all of these won a prize.